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Mary j renfro

Hi, I am Mary Renfro and I am running for the 71 st District Seat in the Kentucky State House of Representatives in the 2018 election.


Experience: I have been a school board member for Madison County, Kentucky for 6 years. I decided to run for 71st District House of Representatives of KY in November 2017. I want to have an impact for the people of Kentucky in areas that matter for our future—education, health and economic well-being. I feel strongly that the future of the state depends on the outcomes of our next generation and I want what’s best for our children and our families. An important part of this is addressing the pension program for our teachers, and working for the economic wellbeing of our state as a whole.

Professional background: I am a real estate agent with A Unique Realty Company from Lexington. I have been helping people find homes and property as an agent for 14 years. I have a real passion for matching the right people to the right property, and through this work, I have come to know the region quite well. As someone who has met and worked with people from all walks of life, I know the importance of careful listening.

My spouse, Ernest Wayne Renfro, a native of the northern Kentucky region, for 24 years. He currently works at Okonite in Richmond. I am the mother of 6 beautiful girls. Our family started with our 2 biological children (ages 21 and 17 years old), we adopted three sisters (now 11, 10 and 8 years old), and our youngest was placed with us for family foster care (7 years old). I am very family oriented! We have raised our children in the Richmond/Berea area, on a small family farm, and also in town.


My background: I am originally from New York and was raised in South Florida. I came to Richmond, KY in 1989 to pursue a degree in Social Work at Eastern Kentucky University. So, I have been here, involved with my neighbors and community for 29 years. I am proud to call Kentucky home.


I am so grateful for each of you! Please help me help the families of Kentucky and get out and vote for our future on our upcoming election date: November 6, 2018.

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